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Cooking For Life (CFL) was a Christian charity based in Uberlandia, Brazil from 2002 until 2013 which provided training programmes for people in underprivileged areas to become chefs and waiters, enabling them to gain employment.  In total 360 underprivileged people were trained, the majority of whom are now working.  CFL also ran a non profit-making restaurant to help fund the training programmes where the students gained work experience.


This project was set up by Juliet Rogers in 2001 and has been developed in partnership with the 'Sal da Terra' (Salt of the Earth) church in Uberlandia, Brazil.

Uberlandia is a city of about 600,000 people in the interior of Brazil (yellow dot on map, right). Currently 17% live below the poverty level and most of these are under 25 years old.  Unemployment is 20-25%.  The unemployed receive no financial support or assistance from the local Government.  This results in many people living in overcrowded unsanitary conditions leading to many social problems including crime, violence and drug abuse.

Cooking for Life Charity

The charity 'Cooking for Life' has been registered in England and Brazil to set up and run the training programmes.

The registered charity number is 1110965. The Trustees for the charity in England are all Christians.  They are:

  1. Chairman: Phil Williams

  2. Treasurer: Ros Johnson

  3. Secretary: Sue Williams

  4. Rev. Stuart Windsor

  5. Steve Carpenter

  6. Juliet Rogers

  7. Ian Gibbons



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